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Everclear works best, and a big bottle of that goes a very long way for cleaning parts.   Works great, leaves no residue.   Not toxic unless you really drink more than a few swigs.
I wouldn't be surprised at all if it worked great, but I see a price of about $17 per 750ml so it makes it a bit more expensive than the MG isoproponol I linked which is about $12 per liter, though it does have the advantage of being "multi-purpose". :)
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Incorrect. "Rubbing Alcohol" is isopropyl, water, and generally some kind of oil.

What he describes is called denatured alcohol in the USA. Ethanol with methanol and often a few other solvents. Works great as a degreaser, but attacks some plastics.

Currently the same here in the uk.
Historically not so, ipa as a denaturant is relatively new.

When moving in 1966 i inherited a large bottle of surgical spirit from the previous elderly owner.
That was ethanol and methanol but i do not know the percentages.

The use of methanol as a denaturant in the likes of cosmetic products was disallowed only last year.

I generally use 99% isopropyl for cleaning electronics, but also use denatured alcohol for some tasks.
Exactly ,  i would like the same choice.


Not for a 91% solution. The vapor and liquid have the same composition. That's why it's impossible to obtain a higher concentration via simple distillation. I think that also means it is slightly more volatile than pure isopropanol. The 91% stuff should actually evaporate as fast or a little faster.

But maybe the higher concentration makes it a better solvent.

There is almost always a small amount of water in the ethanol component but it dries relatively quickly.

Anhydrous ethanol made by synthesis evaporates completely but the cooling effect can cause some condensation so there is no real advantage.


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In applying for a licence i discovered something else.

Rubbing alcohol.

The manufacturer can use pretty much what he likes provided certain minima are met.

Concentration can be 99% ethanol so long as approved analytical agent and denaturant is used.

The use of methanol for this application was stopped in 2014.

Makers seem to have stopped long ago though.

I suspect that 60/40 is down to minimising cost.

Bugbear is the msds, as manufacturers do not have to list all ingredients (secret formula) up to
a certain percentage (0.5 i think) provided certain provisions are met re toxicity.

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