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The problem is, that I need to bypass 5 second power gaps (every couple of hours).

Any ideas?

my arduino board or lets say the power adapter for my arduino board gets the power by a 12 V AC! doorbell transformator (there is no other power source at this point). Unfortunately the power drops when someone rings the bell. So I have to bypass this max. 5 second power gaps.

Many Thanks



how far does the voltage drop?

you can go to mouser, digikey, or newark and possibly get a DC-DC converter which outputs 12 volts, and accepts a much wider range of inputs than the power supply you are currently using.

i am not sure how much wattage you require, but here are two possibles

One Watt (12 Volts and 83 mA) output with 4.5 V to 18 V input range

6 Watt (12 Volts and 0.5 A) output with 4.5 V to 18 V input range

the beautiful thing about these DC-DC converters is that they do not care if the voltage fluctuates within the 4.5 to 18 volt range, as long as it does not go below 4.5 or above 18.



any kind of 12 v rechargable battery should do, just remember to include a rectifier diode to convert the AC to DC.

Even a diode + large capacitor might work, depends on how much power the arduino is drawing during that time.

But do you really need to keep the arduino powered on during button presses? Depends on what its doing.

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