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I was going through PARSE cloud official website and different sites and I came to know that ARDUINO UNO board can also be connected to PARSE CLOUD.

In some site it is suggesting to buy a WiFi shield or an Ethernet shield but it is very expensive for my project. Is there any method of using ARDUINO UNO Board with ESP8266 to connect it to Cloud.
Please help me. All kind of helps are welcomed.

Thank You


Just use the ESP8266 it can be used all by it's self.


Although its less likely you will be able to connect to parse cloud directly as its https:// only.  The arduino Yun they mention in their docco is basically a combination of an arduino and a raspberry pi on a single board so is much more powerful than the Uno you have.  On its own the arduino doesn't have the processing power for encrypted communications.

That being said there are plenty of other IoT services that do accept http://

Search for "arduino ESP8266" for a long list of different ways to do this.


I have been very impressed with IBM's BlueMix IOT offerings.  It took me awhile to get it all workings...partly because their examples had some bugs in them.  Now I have my Uno with Ethernet shield uploading MQTT over http://.  My shield was only like $6 on eBay and is totally worth it to me.  The MQTT library I'm using is written for the Ethernet library.  I'm not sure if it would work with 8266.

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