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I am a lighting distributor and a customer has asked for something I can't find, but I thought someone here might be able to build it for us.

This would be a proximity sensor for a retail display, it would be connected to some LED lights (which I can supply). When someone approaches- maybe within 2 or 3 feet- the device would bring the lights up to full brightness and then after a short period of inactivity the lights would need to dim down to a certain level, but not off.

Proximity sensors normally turn something on or off, but that won't work for this.

 I could theoretically do it myself but I would be an amateur/novice and need a lot of time to get good enough at this to develop a professional product, which I don't have.

I know, lots of questions and things to be worked out, but anyone who is interested please contact me.

Thank you,



Sure, use a regular prox sensor, inactive output would be used to drive low-level PWM output for dimming, active output for full on.

The LED lights you supply - are they 120V COTS units that are meant to dim with a COTS controller? Or are you talking like LED strips that can be controlled via simple transistor?
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We have several products available for this. My preference would be a 24 volt tape strip:

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