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First of all I'm new to arduino.

I need to make the arduino to control 4  brushless motors each has its own speed controller with encoders for arms and has precision.

Each arm axis will have 2 motors with 2 encoders.

I need to 2 arms. 2 axis.
360 degree rotation for the first arm axis
90 degree rotation for the 2nd arm axis

Brushless Rc Motor: castle creation 2200kv
With 1:60 gear ratio (considering to change)
22 volts 6s battery

Speed control: Mamba Monster 2
Transmitter: Aurora 9x
Receiver: Hitec Optima 8 channel

For the encoders I'm not sure. If someone could point out high quality encoders, my budget for them 400$.

I need the arms to move and stop in precision movements with high power lifts.

Just ask for your helping price

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