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good day!
how to program an rgb strip to light up? i am a beginner in electronics, but not in programming. also i need to know the technical details between lighting up the strip from the arduino or as a "standalone" (if i understand correctly that means the strip is detached from the arduino and runs on some program "burned" into a "microcontroller". do i understand well? i appreciate your attention. thank you


Show us a Web link to the LED strip first.


Adafruit has several tutorials covering different types of LED strips.
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Hi, yes, we need to know what type of rgb strip you mean. There are two types. In one type, all the rgb leds on the strip show the same colour. These need a 12V supply. In the second type, each led can show a different colour. These need a 5V supply.

Arduino is a microcontroller. When you upload a sketch to it, this can be called "burning".


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