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As I am using the WiFi Shield 101 I am trying to determine its advantages over the WiFi solutions you could get from SparkFun, AdaFruit, or others. Is there something I have missed?

1. The onboard CryptoAuthentication features aren't supported (yet?) by the Arduino Libraries, hence are not easily used, and I don't know what they do for me.
2. Performance. I don't have any good way to measure this, though I realize that the original Arduino WiFi board, based on older technology, is reported to be sluggish. The question isn't which is fastest, it's more an issue of which is "good enough".
3. Other features. Some of the other boards support an SD Card slot. I don't know that I need that, but it's certainly nice to have around.
4. Price. The others seem to cost less, but maybe today's arduino.cc price is the cost of being an early adopter or maybe I could view it as supporting arduino.cc.
5. Supply Chain. Yes, Atmel is in it for the long term while some of the other products may not be around for long. This is a big plus for arduino.cc.

May I ask for other thoughts on this?

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