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Oct 09, 2015, 12:49 am Last Edit: Oct 09, 2015, 12:51 am by rwolfe
Hey all, I just got my first Arduino (an Uno R3) a few days ago. I do Halloween props and I want to play a short sound effect and have a servo turn a clown head when a trigger is pressed. I've figured out the servo but this audio is driving me up a wall.

I bought an ISD1820 Sound Module with a little 8ohm speaker, since the dude at the store said that would be fine. I read the data sheet ( http://www.datasheetspdf.com/PDF/ISD1820/786127/1 ) and attached the VCC pin on the 1820 to the 3.3v pin on the Arduino, and the 1820's GND to Arduino's GND. I wired the speaker wires into the speaker holes on the 1820, then attempted to test it by using the push buttons.

I can tell it's getting power because if I push the REC button, the red LED lights up. But that's about all I can make it do. If I push FT to the other side, it'll make a bunch of clicking noises come out of the speaker, but it won't replay anything I say into the mic (like it's supposed to). If I try to record something by speaking into the mic while holding down the REC button, nothing happens when I try pushing PLAYE or PLAYL afterward. If I push the Repeat switch to the other side, the speaker just gives static followed five seconds or so later with a high-pitched tone.

There are two VCC pins and two GND pins on the 1820, and I tried using the VCC/GND on the left and then the VCC/GND on the right, and the unit does exactly the same thing either way.

I haven't even made it as far as making a sketch, because from what I understand you're supposed to be able to control record and playback via the buttons on the 1820, it doesn't HAVE to be controlled via the Arduino.

I don't know what's wrong and there's so many different possibilities, I don't know where to start. If it's the speaker, is there a different way for me to test if the speaker's okay? Could it be the mic on the 1820? Or the 1820 itself? Or am I doing something wrong?


Check that the 3V3 line is at 3V3 when the module is connected and working. It could be that the module is requiring more current that the Arduino's regulator can supply.
The link you posted does not mention current so you will have to make that voltage measurement.

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