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Oct 10, 2015, 02:38 pm Last Edit: Oct 10, 2015, 02:39 pm by emmanuelbabu

Im trying to interface an rs485 port to the native USB port of Arduino DUE.......i have a rs485 to USB converter....is it possible to read data from the native usb port? if so can you please give some examples or links to some previous discussions on this forum?

The RS485 port is from an energy meter/transducer.....i think the due board will be the master and energymeter/transducer will be the slave..correct??



I won't say it's impossible to make it work but I would not start from there. A TTL-to-RS485 converter is much more appropriate for this job. Maybe an RS485 shield?
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Hi thanks for the message

the data to be collected is in the energy meter with a rs485 pin, so the converter has to be rs485 to TTL right?? are these converters bidirectional??? and the output of the converter are connected to the serial Rx-Tx port..correct??


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