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Hello everybody! I am a senior working towards my B.S. in Electrical Engineering and recently started my senior design project. I am one member of a team who is working on developing a program to better expose people to embedded design and microcontrollers. There are a few different avenues we have come up with to do this, however, we don't have the time and/or money to devote to develop all of them. To help give us some guidance, we created a quick 10-question survey to provide insight into the general background of professionals/hobbyists/students. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to complete, doesn't collect any personal information, and would help us a lot. Thank you if you are able to take it, we truly appreciate it!




A lot of it doesn't seem to apply to anyone less than a "micrcontroller professional."
Shucks, I spent about 30 years writing software professionally, but never really for anything smaller than a 68000, or that would qualify as a "microcontroller";  On the other hand, I've been INTERESTED in microcontrollers (primarily as a hobbyist) for most of that time (and multi-chip microPROCESSOR systems before that), and used them occasionally as a hobbyist.  (till I started playing with Arduino and retired; since then - a bit more...)


We tried to make it apply to hobbyists as well, just some questions being 0/none/etc for the professional questions.

Even though there is a difference between microprocessor/controller, we use the term interchangeably. I guess this might put some people off, but it would still be great to get your responses. We want to understand the hobbyist's point of view, and how they get acquainted with their embedded design work (either processor or controller).

If you do decide to take it, we would love your perspective


Another reason is the reluctance of people to click on links supplied by new members that have not built up trust in the forum.


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