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So I finally got my LM386 amplifier circuit (LM386 Audio Amplifier Module), hooked it up so that the output of DAC0 is set to the input of the circuit, connected power and ground, then finally the speaker to it.

I then copied over various audio files to check I have one that is compatible, including some I've found online that specifically say they are the right Hz and 16-bit. The thing is though nothing ever comes out the speaker. Simple Audio Player successfully reports that my SD card is read and that it played a something, but  I get nothing audible.

I've tried hooking up a DMM to the output of the DAC0 and the other to ground to see if I can see any voltage change, nope, stays at around 2V even if I hit reset to play the song. I don't know what is possibly going wrong, as people have had success with this. Hoping for some insight as right now I can test that the LM386 amplifier circuit works as it does amplify correctly, the DAC0 is not outputting anything besides a steady voltage. I should note the votlage on DAC0 does go up to 3.3 when I  hit the reset button so this would indicate the DAC0 isn't blown. Even if it is, how would I change Simple Audio Player to use DAC1?

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