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Hi there,

I have an Arduino Nano 3.0 and I can get it to function as desired on my wife's pc, but it won't work on my pc.

I have spent the past 2 days trouble shooting and nothing seems to work.

I get as far as trying to "update driver software...", and when I try to install the newly downloaded and extracted drivers (most recent on FTDI website) I get an error message

"Windows was unable to install you USB Serial Port (COM3)

Windows could not find driver software for your device"

Also interesting to note, when in my Device Manager, I don't see the offending device being called "FT232R USB UART" or anything similar, like all of the tutorials suggest I should see. In my list, the device is seen as "USB Serial Port (COM3)". I'm not sure if this matters, but perhaps it will provide someone reading with a clue as to why this isn't working.

I've followed lots of tutorials, most recently this one, which is the "in-depth" version: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/how-to-install-ftdi-drivers/windows---in-depth

I'm at my whit's end, please help!!!!


Oct 19, 2015, 09:35 pm Last Edit: Oct 19, 2015, 09:37 pm by Whandall
My Nano clone uses a CH340G.

The place I got the driver from http://www.wch.cn/download/CH341SER
Ah, this is obviously some strange usage of the word 'safe' that I wasn't previously aware of. (D.Adams)


Thanks for sharing, Whandall.

I don't think it is the fix since my device works fine with the standard drivers on my other computer, but I may just give it a try anyway!

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