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I'm using servo library and it say that we can't use this pins in arduino mega:

I'm using 18 servos with this library and I'm using pins 44,45,46 and it is working :S
I don't understand why. Anyone knows ?

The second question is if reducing the number of servos per timer will increase the performance. I think it is working almost perfect right now but in some positions servos vibrate. This could help in it?

The library that I'm using have some extended features: https://github.com/KurtE/Arduino_Phoenix_Parts/tree/master/ServoEx


On the Mega you can use upto 48 pins with the Servo library, what you cannot
do is use _analogWrite_ on the pins that are controlled by any of the timers the servo library
is using....  Look at the source code of the Servo library to see which timers it uses in
which order (12 pins max per timer).
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