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Good evening, then I chose of used the radio as the bidirectional communication PC ==< = > Arduino of my project of drone, except that I really need your knowledge on the subject. 1/I do not know if I owe used the 2.4ghz, 433mhz or ANOTHER FREQUENCY? 2/For the 433mhz I thought of that: APC220 3/for 2.4 ghz I thought of that: NRF24L01 4/Exists t-il of better modules? Thank you in advance, I am a little lost in my searches(researches)

Im french, sorry for my spelling !


I think you'd be a lot better off posting your question in your native language in the French forums

Don't send me technical questions via Private Message.


Im french, sorry for my spelling !
You should also be sorry for crossposting.

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