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Topic: input TCRT5000L output serial print of the input high time period in msec (Read 3756 times) previous topic - next topic


I have seen noise on the serial plotter when using this sensor, not all the time but enough to make me think that a "through the beam" sensor would perhaps be better, or would a debounce be of benefit?
Another thought because the times are in microsec the interval would have 6 digits to 8 digits could this
be a problem?


Not knowing anything about the sensor, I can't say if debouncing would be useful but I imagine that it would help. The time resolution is somewhat relevant, but if the sensor won't stabilize quickly enough to work, then that doesn't matter.
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Hi Cerarlakeinstruments

I will look into a "through the beam sensor" time permitting but thank you for your efforts with the code, it
is much appreciated, thank you.

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