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i am getting problem in logging data of 4 temperature into a .txt file in the SD card as i want that i get the data in the columns which would be than easier to export to excel but instead i get the data in horizontal rows......so as there any way by which i can get my data in columns


Rows and columns are for humans so I am going to assume your question means you want to format the text in a human readable way.

If you want to format text you are going to need to mark up your text with something like HTML or XML or write a program to display your text file the way you want it.
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Just print a comma after each item and a lineshift at the end of the row. It really is as simple as that. The result is a CSV file, which is standard input for Excel.


Thanks a lot @Thee_Captain and @Nick_Pyner for responding.
I applied comma and myFile.println command and it solved my problem....once a agina Thanks a lot for your Help....as this was my first query on arduino forum and by such a good response a get a lot of encouragement........

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