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If this post is breaking any rules or is inappropriate, I will ask the moderators to move it or delete it.

I just need to let it out.

So I've ordered some components from Adafruit.
UPS returned the components back to them for an unknown (to me) reason. They told me to order the components from one of their re-sellers, from Europe (where I live).

I've placed an order on a German website and although that initially the products were on the stock, after introducing my credit card details, the order was canceled because one of the products was not in stock.

Then I've changed my order and this time it was accepted.
Later I've received email confirmations for BOTH orders.
I've contacted the online store and insisted to cancel the first order, but they said that they can't do anything about it.
When I've checked my bank account next days, I've noticed that I was charged just for one of the orders, although I've received the components from both orders. Lucky me!

A few weeks later, I've tried to use a Lipo charger. It was malfunctioning and it burned my laptop's USB port!

I've contacted Adafruit support to ask if I'm wiring the charger correctly and they told me to contact the re-seller, because the Lipo charger is malfunctioning (both LEDs were lit from the beginning).

I thought that it doesn't worth the effort, since I didn't paid for one of them.

But I had a nasty surprise today: Adafruit banned my account. Why?! Because they don't want to discuss the problems created to their customers with malfunctioning components.

I was happy with their products, but this behavior is absurd!

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You want Adafruit to support something you bought from a different company.

You want Adafruit to support you even though you have not paid them.

Is that the gist of your rant?


As the RESELLERS is handling Adafuit stock, the reseller is initially responsible but I agree the Adafruit has some responsibility for stock it supplies to the reseller.

I tend to agree that it is not good customer relations. (Caveat: we have not heard both sides of the discussion).



I didn't asked Adafruit for a replacement.
I told them on forum that my Lipo charger has both LEDs lit and they told me to contact their support for replacement, because the component is malfunctioning.

When I've contacted the support, I said that I bought their component from a re-seller.
Then they told me to contact the re-seller and banned me.

I don't even care about the Lipo charger, but their behavior is ridiculous.

When I think now, it sounds funny :)

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