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After several successful printing of objects, my printer nozzle on the Materia 101 seems to not work exactly correct.

Have tried re-calibrating the table, but objects that once printed correctly, will not obey. The nozzle seems to emit a smaller- thinner stream, therefore I surmise some blockage.

I have read other printer posting of cleaning, but those machines have different print heads.

Since the print head of the Materia 101 is only found on that machine and there are no reliable sources of spare parts, I am reluctant to tackle the job of cleaning without some advice "How To"


Hi normoldboy,
the print head of the Materia 101 is a customized Jhead hotend, so it should even be possible to fit a standard jhead in there (just don't take it for granted, I'm not sure ;) ).
I had some clogging too in the past months, and after a couple days of searching I finally dismantled the x carriage (the one holding the hotend), removing the motor and disengaging it from the drive system while still leaving the hotend and the fan attached to the metal piece.
I then preheated the hotend - with the fan connected and turned on at full speed - and repeatedly pulled and pushed the filament through by hand. When pulling it out, I removed the last couple centimeters so that any debris would not go again into the hotend.
After repeating the insertion for two-three times I managed to get a clean output stream of plastic. I then cooled down the hotend and rebuilt and mounted the carriage.
After this cleaning, the printer worked flawlessly and I managed to get quite clean parts, just like I did before the clogging.

If you need any other help let me know.

Prendete quello che dico come un suggerimento, non mi assumo responsabilità di nessun tipo

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