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Hi , Try this one , the schematic is verified and for your reference.
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im not use this, im using LINX in LabVIEW.
i see sine wave
You are using LV in oscilloscope mode, right - x=time, y=volts ?
Are you seeing a sine wave, or a lopsided sawtooth?

First, do this in your sketch: analogWrite(pin, 128);

Then attach a resistor (3300 to 4700 ohms) to the pin. Then attach one lead of a capacitor (4.7 to 10 microfarads) to the resistor (to the end that is NOT attached to the Arduino pin.). Attach the other end of the cap to ground. If you are using a polarized capacitor, put the negative side to ground.

Now observe the signal between the junction of the resistor and the capacitor, and ground.
It should be flat, and 2.5 volts.
What, I need to say something else too?


I succed. i used simple RC circuit. R=3.9K C=30uF. i got 0.025 ripple.

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