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Hey dudes, here's a couple pics of the bottom and top of the Nano clone from eBay.  Taken with iPhone 6.

Anyway, I'm also working on a shield for the Nano and a shield for the Uno that will let you program the ATTiny chips (4/5/9/10, 45/85, 44/84, etc).  Attached is a quick prototype render of the Uno version, not likely to be the finished one but it's a start. :)

It has a DIP6, DIP8, and DIP14.  The DIP6 is for the ATTiny 4/5/9/10 with a SOT-23 6 breakout board, the DIP8 is for the 45/85, and the DIP14 is for the 44/84 with a 14-SOIC Breakout board (Adafruit 1210).

I followed various tutorials on the web to lay these out, PLEASE let me know if you see any issues with it.

Top first, Bottom second:

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