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I just launched a Kickstarter campaign for an Arduino Due shield. The DynamixShield gives users the ability to control Dynamixel AX, MX and XL smart servos, and to easily hook up modular sensors and actuators using its numerous Grove and RobotGeek connectors. It level shifts many of the Due's 3.3V signals into 5V so you can use them more easily. You can also use jumpers to power the Arduino, the shield and the servos from a single battery cable, or split it out and power each separately. There are also a couple of really cool stretch goals. The first is a cable that lets you plug XL servos directly into AX/MX connectors to control them. The second is that I plan to modify the PyPose/Nuke code to make it work with both the Arbotix and the new DynamixShield.  Please take a look at the campaign and if it is something you are interested in then please help me get it built by backing the project.

Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/neurorobotictech/arduino-shield-combines-smart-servos-and-plug-in-s


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