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hi everyone
I am new with micro controller programming
I have an ET-BASE AVR EASY 328 board with ATMEGA328 micro controller
this board as shown in this image

It has not USB port only COM port , so I connect it with COM port on my PC
The problem is I try to upload the code to the board the environment is hanging and can not uploading the code as shown in this image

where is the problem and what is the steps to troubleshoot this problem pleas i am waiting for help


Because it's not an Arduino but only the same uC, does it have the Arduino Bootloader on it? Otherwise you need to program that first. You need a programmer (or an Arduino as programmer) for that. Also, be sure the board uses a 16Mhz crystal (or resonator) like the Uno. If it's a 8Mhz you can try the Pro Mini 8Mhz bootloader.
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thanks alot but how I can check the board it has arduino bootloader or not?


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Use Nick Gammon's sketch here to determine if a bootloader is installed or  not.
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thanx for helping i try the code in url you give me but the error code apperaing

but i go to the website i bught the board from and read the soecs tell me its comes with arduino bootloader

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