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We know build process will generate the temporary files when build code.

The arduino IDE put these files to Windows's Temp folder.
Example for my case:
  C:\Users\Andy Chen 2014\AppData\Local\Temp\build4436557367508469592.tmp

And, does not clean it when user quit IDE.
After build many different projectS, many XXXX.tmp folder exist in our hard disk....  waste HD space !

Why not create \tmp\ under each project folder ?  (same file level as *.ino file)  ?
User also can manual clean up temporary file if they wish.

By the way, any configurate file for IDE(Ex. perference setting), had better also put them under each project folder and create the other sub-folder to keep them.

In short, "group files by project".


we would not need long names like  build4436557367508469592.tmp

easier for objdump.exe and other tools to access intermediate results..
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