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Updates version 2.1.2:
- Save as examples when autosave is on
- Better transition form https to http on OOBE Plugin flow
- Terms & condition redirect when doing OOBE flow as logged out
- Chrome app for education support
- UI fixes and copy improvements


Updates version 2.2.0
- Secret tab refactoring
- Fix on iFrame embedded sketches
- Added copy about Administrator rights on the Agent OOBE


Updates version 3.0.0
- Support for Intel®-based platforms running Linux, such as Up2, Intel® NUC,  Dell Wyse®, Gigabyte™ GB-BXT, for more infos see the blogpost


Updates version 3.2.6:
- fixed import feedback for single .ino files and small folders
- added better copy to Import modal
- fixed focus on import (e.g. if you import a Library from the Sketchbook panel we change the focus to the Library panel)
- added filter empty file create on Mac OSX called Icon
- fixed issue on renaming folders and autosave


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Version 4.2.0 and previous:

- Updated help->info tab with Os, browser and boards supported
- Libraries manager paginated
- Improved plugin interaction (you don't need certificates installation anymore if you use Firefox or Chrome)

Plugin updated to 1.1.71


Versions 4.2.1 - 4.2.3:

- Improved error monitoring
- fixed agent autoupdate issues
- fixed broken image for getting started in Safari


Version 5.3.0

- added autoindent
- keep file session (scroll position, selection, undo/redo history) on file switch or browser refresh


Versions 5.4.2 - 5.5.3

- added FAQ link in help sidebar
- new agent client version
- improved custom libraries actions
- added optional secret values

Versions 5.6.0 - 5.7.0

- Maker plan now available with unlocked new features and increased limits, such as third party boards support and library editing!
Check out the Digital Store for the full list


Version 6.0.0

- Replaced sketches APIs with new APIs version
- New APIs for move, rename, duplicate
- Search as you type in sketchbook panel
- Improved sketch.json file export (sketch metadata), now only useful data in it.
- added progress bar on export
- download now available for folders and single files too
- lighter autosave
- lib include button removed for libs with no include code defined
- fixed bulk actions UI bugs
- bulk actions now available for folders and single files too (you can select the full sketchbook with bulk selection now)
- added thing id in sketch info modal for IoT Cloud sketches
- Implemented sync issues handling (sketch or file changed in other tab/session), now you get error message and you can refresh data
- Fixed multiple issues on files/sketches actions:
    - duplicate folder
    - move or create sketch in subfolder and other subfolders bugs
    - now you can create empty folders and keep them empty

You could find some of your sketches in a directory named "__root", just move them outside it, if you want it to disappear.
You could also find some empty folders in your sketchbook generated by bugs in the previous version, just remove them if you don't need them.

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