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I would like to grab all the code of Arduino Create (is it open source??) to run a local server in my classroom without the need of Internet


@Osqui we do not know yet if we are going to open Arduino Create or not. More news in few months.
@jadonmiller this is actually something we can implement relatively quickly.


@chatelao I am not even sure if an installation free version is possible, the application is very complex and involves a lot of components:

Node.js (will be moved to Golang)
Arduino Builder Bots (a scalable way to compile Arduino Code)
The frontend in js with Angular.js
The Arduino Create Agent which runs on the client PC
An object storage (now running on Amazon S3)


I think it would be nice to also simulate the Arduino electronic, online.
For example, 123d.circuits.io :-)


Would it be possible (or is it already and I missed it) to upload multiple tabs for a project at once.  I seem to only be able to upload one tab at a time.

Single tabs are working fine, but most of my larger sketches are multiple (6+) tabs for clarity.


I would love being able to drag files in the left bar in order to move them in folder. Now you must right click then move to. Otherwise this webapp is awesome thanks for the development ! Using it every day for my projects and it rocks.
I would also recommend to add a keyboard functions: SHIFT and CTRL. In this way I can select multiple files at once (to move, to delete ecc.). :-)


Integration with subversion server would be nice.


@Terciops when you open a sketch all the files included in the folders are opened as tabs, let us know it this does not happen!

thanks :)


Hello, I would like to suggest in "Preferences" option. Can you put the "Default Board" option? That way, when I create a sketch, the board is automatically set to "Arduino Uno" in the IDE. This really helps the lazy. :D :D


I would like to use the MKR1000 library (and also +1 on the ESP8266 board).

However to try out Arduino Create I can simply make sketches and use the local IDE with correct board manager. No problems.

I wish a "Local IDE" option in the Create board manager that I could select as "user defined board".
- The Create Agent would only have to start the local IDE with a command-line option.
-- Starting IDE with user command that could be set in web board manager, or in the Create Agent.
-- Default to latest used board manager if no options set and load graphical IDE to select board.
- Sync or store current sketch in local temporary sketch folder for the IDE to use.

I think this would make it easier for more users with specialized boards to get started with Create.


I agree with:
Hello, I would like to suggest in "Preferences" option. Can you put the "Default Board" option? That way, when I create a sketch, the board is automatically set to "Arduino Uno" in the IDE. This really helps the lazy. :D :D
Alternatively can store in a cookie the last board selected.

Thank You
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First, I wanna say that I love this idea, a web-based IDE is an amazing development and I really love the design, it is so clean, congrats!

However, I have a few things to say about it:

1. Language support (I know it's a beta version yet).
2. You probably know the 123d.circuit.io page and I know that it's a huge project, but It will be nice to see the posibility to simulate the code or something similar.
3. The posibility to move the "Serial Monitor" view. For example, in another window (there are many people with two or more monitors) or in the same place that the "Verbose output" (in two tabs).
4. A button to copy the output of "Serial Monitor".
5. The posibility to make our own layout and schematic image in the IDE (or maybe import from Fritzing)
6. The posibility to install the Arduino bootloader in another atmega328p or another chip

I'm done... for now :P
Hope you found this things really usable.



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I recommend making the initial import of sketches and libraries easier into Create easier and more intuitive. Have a way to bulk import sketches and libraries as they exist in a classic Arduino IDE environment. What's are the zip files all about?
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I find the library system challenging. I was wondering if anyone else would agree with me that it would be easier to have the libraries that you create yourself in the same directory as the file is in and have the includes check there first.

If this were the case, then when there is a duplicate name for a library, it would use yours by default and all the libraries that are written special for the program are packaged with it in the same directory. When you upload it to a website, or store it as a backup, it will still work, because the libraries will not have been updated and changed or have been removed. You won't also have to go collect them to be able to share your code with others.

Maybe add another save option that includes the used libraries in the saved file folder! Or maybe even just save the parts of the libraries that are referenced in the code in a single library reference file.

I am wanting to use the Encoder examples with my MKR1000 board. The file Encoder\pins.h does not have interrupt listings for my board (I know, it's not released yet!) and I do not know what the processor description information is that the pins.h uses to identify which board it is running on. Does anyone know where I can track this information down at?
"__SAMD25__" <- I tried this and it did not work?
Is pins.h looking for the processor pin numbers or the board bin numbers?

Another question: Am I doing this forum posting correctly by using this like a blog?
Are there defined rules to how this is supposed to be used?
If so, how do I find those rules?
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I would love a team collaboration feature, kind of like the way the google docs system works! Also a version control and password protection feature, maybe with GitHub integration. I would love integrated Processing within the Create IDE.

Much Thanks,

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