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Hi, I'm doing a project with the Arduino YUN or Arduino micro (I'm still experimenting with both), and the humidity sensor SKU: SEN0114,

I expect that somebody can help me, with the sampler code.

/ *
   # Example code for the moisture sensor
   # Editor: Lauren
   # Date: 13.01.2012
   # Version: 1.0
   # Connect the sensor to the A0 (Analog 0) pin on the Arduino board
   # The sensor value description
   # 0 ~ 300 dry soil
   # 300 ~ 700 humid soil
   # 700 ~ 950 in water
* /
void setup () {
   Serial.begin (57600);
void loop () {
   Serial.print ("Moisture Sensor Value");
   Serial.println (analogRead (A0));
   delay (100);

This is the sampler code I'm using to play with the moisture sensor, which is that they have give me on the web where I bought the sensor,

Proving it with different soils, and the monitor give me range of values from 400 to 700, and in theory would have to go from 0 to 1000, if I can help with this would be very grateful!

A greeting !


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That is confusing for us, now we don't know where to answer.

Those moisture sensors are very inaccurate. The capacitive sensors are more accurate : http://wemakethings.net/chirp/

For myself I use two metal strips and measure the resistance, but I measure that in both ways by reversing the voltage. That is to avoid electrolysis.

Your values of 400 to 700 are okay. That is because they are so inaccurate.


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Ok, Thanks !!

if anyone can give me more information i will be grated !!

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