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Attached is the new Arduino sketch and a Processing sketch to receive and view the data.  You don't need the Processing sketch if you just want to view the sketch output in serial monitor.  In the Processing sketch, you will need to set the serial port to the port the Arduino is connected to.  I changed the baud rate in the Arduino sketch to 115200, you will need to make sure serial monitor has a matching baud rate set.

The Arduino sketch:

initial state is standby
 on button A enter measure mode
 on button B save one sample to ram  (simulates a detector)
 after numMeasurements (default 10) samples transfer data from ram to EEPROM*
 pull data from EEPROM and transmit via serial
 return to standby mode

*I found that saving a data point to EEPROM takes longer than your 3mS minimum time so I save to ram while reading and transfer to EEPROM after readings taken.

Right now there is no way to abort while in measurement mode.  The only way out is to get 10 readings.  Also, no way to download EEPROM manually.


Thanks very much Groundfungus.  I'll have a chance to play with this over the weekend and I'll let you know how I get on.


Good luck.  Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  You may PM if you wish.


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