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I am sorry you think I don't try to get it to work myself.

With every error I am trying to find out what it is via Google at work. I think I have spend about 10 hours on it this week. Sorry I just don't know nothing about this. At home I have to spend all my time sewing the costumes. When I bought the stuff I needed, I thought it would by fairly easy to find out how this all works but I was wrong and that's why I was asking for help.

Thank you for you help anyway, I appreciate that.


I am sorry you think I don't try to get it to work myself.
Apologies from me, too - I had a bad Friday night, and let's leave it at that.

Turns out, you don't need Math.h. the sin function and PI are already defined without including anything.

Code: [Select]
brightness = sin(brightness * PI);

The code I gave to turn the pixel off (but leave it at minimum brighness)
Code: [Select]


Will always make the pixel colour dim white between colours. One way to go would just be to comment out this setpixel altogether - this will mean that it stays at whatever brighness and colour it was when the other branch of the if() finished, which should be a dim version of one of your colours.



Don't worry. I understand.

I still don't get it working the way I want it and I think I just messed up the chip as well. It's not going into program mode anymore. :(

I'll buy a new one and just use what it is.

Thanks again for all your help!


New chip and working system.

Thanks for all the help again. I hope it well show up well on stage. It's very hard to get it captured on a picture even in the dark. You can see it much better in person. I will use a larger battery to make sure it will last all day.

Light system
Result, nearly finished costume

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