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You know high pressure oxygen systems require oxygen-safe components throughout?

can i have the pressure tranducer code please..i am doing air pressure experiment for the flow of oxygen in the tank.
You know high pressure oxygen systems require oxygen-safe components throughout?  Otherwise they tend to combust in a very scary way.
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Which is the sensibility of this sensor (mV/kPa)?? I cant find any documentation


Which is the sensibility of this sensor (mV/kPa)?? I cant find any documentation
The link to the sensor in post#13 has all the information you need.

Pressure sensors (and hall/current sensors) are ratiometric. They don't output a "voltage per pressure".
They output a ratio (percentage) of the power supply.
"Voltage" or "pressure" is something you calculate from that.

The sensor from the link has a 0.5volt to 4.5volt output (span) on a 5volt supply with a pressure of 0 to 1.2MPa.
That is actually the wrong way to give that information.

It should say: 10% to 90% of the supply.
So 10% of the A/D range is 0MPa pressure, and 90% of the A/D range is 1.2MPa.
Now look at the code in post#8 again.


Thank You Wawa. Ive tried the code and edit it. Ive done 6 test  to collaborate the PSI with my air tank and another pressure reader. Ive got it down to be very accurate and if its off it is less than .99 of a PSI which is very little. I had to break down the formula in separate equations to make it accurate. Right now i am reading in 3 air pressure transducer and displaying the PSI on the screen.
Could you share how your code is left after having separated to take the 3 readings?


I have a 5V system that is in need of a air pressure momentary (NO) switch that triggers in the 50-80psi range. I was wondering if this sensor may work for this purpose by itself or in combination with another component.


Hi all,

I'm working on a similar project using a differential pressure sensor produced by Omega.

Tech specs: https://www.omega.com/pressure/pdf/PX26.pdf

Do you think it will be possible to hook up the sensor to the Arduino without getting one of their meters? If yes, how?

Looking forward to your ideas!


No. The output of this family of sensors it too low to measure directly with an Arduino.
There must also be sensors like this with buildin instrumentation amp.


What model is it?

I have searched and not found any information on this so decided will make a thread to help out in the future.
I am attempting to read the air pressure from a vehicles air suspension. I am using 1/4" port air pressure sensors, Arduino nano and Arduino compatible LCD screen for output. My current goal is to read in from one sensor and display the current PSI.

Working Voltage: 5VDC
Output Voltage: 0.5-4.5 VDC
Sensor material: Carbon steel alloy
Working Current: <=10 mA
Working Pressure Range: 0-1.2 MPa
Cable length: 17cm / 6.69inch
Sensor Length: Approx. 5.1cm / 2.01inch
Screw Diameter: 1.3cm / 0.51inch
Destroy Pressure: 3.0 MPa
Working TEMP. Range: -20 to 85 Celsius Degree
Storage Temperature Range: 0-85 Celsius Degree
Measuring Error: +_ 1.5 %FSO
Temperature Range Error: +_3.5 %FSO
Response Time: <=2.0 ms

These have 3 wires. Power, Ground, And Signal.

My first question would be how to connect with sensor to the NANO board?
I see that power and ground can go to where it needs to and then the signal does to the board.

And then how would i lay out the code. I am very knowledgeable with C. I've seen many i can edit but feel like i can have something very simple to start with.

Any input or advice is welcomed. Will update on progress


What model is it?
Who knows.
Just type "1.2mPa" in the search bar of ebay.


Good info.

I have the same sensor on the way.

I'm wanting to configure mine as a recording datalogger via Adafruit Data Logging Shield and lipo power as it needs to be remotely mounted onto a rotating air shaft simply logging pressure Vs time but sampling frequency needs to be around 100ms.

This will be my first venture into Arduino so I'd welcome suggestions from you all as to which Arduino best suits this project.

I'm mechanical bias so I'd appreciate if anyone thinks this is unachievable.

Thank you.


could you please upload the circuit diagram for this connection


You know this is a 4 year old thread?
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yeah I know but now I am working these type of project to measure the air pressure for find the bonding strength so can you give me the circuit diagram for that connection


Everything you asked for has already been explained in this thread.
So which part is not clear.


can you tell me about the working principle and how to connect with a compressor?

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