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Very nice project, but I have one question, where do you get your EEPROM chips? There everywhere online but I need DIP packages, not SMD. Any help is appreciated.
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Hi mkl!! This is great! I am also willing to do something with a z80. Apart from your homepage, have you any profile in hackaday.io or a place like that. I would like to "follow you". Thank you!




I am very interested in this design but the page link always shows as 'under maintenance'.
Is there an active link available?

In the meantime I have designed (modified/borrowed from other's) a circuit and PCB using an Arduino Uno and am proceeding with that.

The read works OK and write works quickly enough for page operation but I'm only working with a RAM chip so far.

To do: Interface to on-board serial EEPROM. PC software to control it better than serial monitor.



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Webarchive has some snapshot
Unfortunately it didn't archived the sketch and the java program...


Many thanks for your reply and link.

The circuit shown for the burner is similar to mine but I am using hardware SPI to drive the shift registers and my data bus is split differently.
(Was based on https://github.com/beneater/eeprom-programmer)

The Java program would have been most useful but unfortunately that is one of the things not archived as you say. (See below though)

I have now done the Serial EEPROM interface (I2C) and updated the PCB design. (The DIP socket pin holes were too small for a ZIF socket and a few other corrections)

Next is to write a PC side program and modify the Arduino side to play nice with it.

Thanks again


PS: Digging around in the link and doing a search on an address for 'MEEPROMMER simple jBURN'
led to
https://github.comMEEPROMMER simple jBURN/mkeller0815/MEEPROMMER/tree/master/SimpleJBurn/bin.

It may be that backing up the tree from there I can get the Java part and the rest of the project too.

All is not lost!! (I hope)



It seems that you found the right repository!

Here is the java client

The schematic was updated 4 months ago.

Well done Phil!


Not so well done yet.
I can't seem to get it to run.
Downloaded and installed JAVA and ide etc. but no joy.
(I've never used it before so probably I'm missing something.)

My own Arduino program is progressing OK and I've now changed to read and write Motorola S-record format.
(Uses 30% RAM and 26% flash so far on a mega328 UNO)
Version 0.2 PCBs ordered and on their way.

Instead of the serial monitor, I'm now using a Delphi 6 Windows program to drive it.
(I know its compiler is a bit ancient (like me) but it still works and it is QUICK.
IDE on WinXP virtual m/c but the .exe works in W10 even with a USB interface )

Can get a bit confusing sometimes using C and Pascal together.

Thanks for your interest


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