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Topic: Is it possible to interface with I2S devices and to use AK5701? (Read 446 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi,I am confusing.

Now,i want to use AK5701.

It' connect interface with I2S.

But i am confusing.

Please teach me ,how to connect it.

Thank you


You didn't say which board you're using.

Only some microcontrollers have I2S.  Of those which do, some can work in either master or slave mode, others only support slave mode (where the other chip must create the clocks which control the sample rate).

When a microcontroller lacks I2S, it's possible but difficult to emulate it with SPI.  The Open Music Labs codec shield library is one example.

It matters which board you use.  You can make this easier by using a board with good I2S support, or more difficult with one that has I2S but lacks software support, or really hard by using a chip without native I2S capability.

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