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I'm a science olympiad competitor in high school and am building a robotic arm and am relatively new to robotics. I want to use a Master Slave system of control and want to buy the electronics all at once without leaving anything out. I plan on using an arduino uno rev3 because i have seen videos with it done before. I want to use potentiometers on the master arm to control the slave arm. I'd also like to learn some sort of sample code i could use with it or a good tutorial to learn from. I have never made a master slave system and don't know what i should get with the arduino. I assume i'd need a breadboard but i don't know if i need another sort of microcontroller or what.  I am also wondering if i have to deal with acceleration on the potentiometers so i don't break the servos. I am open to any suggestions that could help me out with this


You would probably expand the servo "knob" example in the IDE examples for more servos. Similar projects on youtube.

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