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I am building a device that will shoot up a soccer ball. It is a rather simple device, mostly mechanics but I am planning to make the release mechanism with an arduino to be able to activate it remotely.
I have made a pulling system that ends on a rope ratchet ( http://www.cargogear.com/roperatchet/rrInside2.jpg ). the rope ratchet has a very simple release that I was planning to push with a servo.

I have encountered the problem of that my servo is not strong enough to push the release button. I wonder if anybody would have a recommendation on a better servo or any other way to activate the release.

Am I just using a very weak servo? this is the one I have

Any help would be more than appreciated.




Well - if it isn't working, it's probably too weak.

Instead of a servo, have you thought about using a gearmotor (like a windshield wiper motor), controlled with a relay (or h-bridge, depending on your needs)?

Alternatively (but more expensive) - what about a small linear actuator?
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Thank you so much for your reply!

The gear motor sounds like a good idea. So far I decided to try with a stronger servo for now. Also I thought that may be a solenoid would work. I will start with the stronger servo or else i think I will try the gear motor.

The linear actuator sounds like the coolest idea but sadly the cheapest one I found was like a 100 bucks.

Thank you



You may need to change the release mechanism to something that requires less force.
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