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Hello All,

I could use some help

I am rather new at Arduino and all that entails but so far I am learning at a decent pace. My current project is building a color changing moving light (like what you see a rock concerts) and I am stuck. I want use the Esplora to control the light and use an Uno(or two) to actually drive and power the unit.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best possible way to create the linkage between these two boards?

Thanks in advance,


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I don't see the Uno as any more appropriate for "driving and powering" than the Esplora.
You can access some on-board regulators on the Uno that the Esplora lacks, but they provision modest demand.

"Linkage"?  There are I/O pins on the LCD headers that can be used like I/O on the Uno (but not with the LCD in place).  I haven't tried it yet, but the SoftwareSerial library may work with the Esplora, too.

The Esplora may be capable of the entire project.

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A Follow-up (despite no Reply from OP, gotta love it)
Softwareserial IS Esplora compatible.
A serial resistor between the Esplora TX pin and the 'Uno" RX pin keeps the Esplora from "ghost powering" the 'Uno' when the latter is not 'On'. (I used a 20k, 10k-22k should do.)
The Esplora buttons could do with some debouncing / lock-out (in software).
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