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Hello everybody!
I am new in this forum and I need your help just to add a led strip in the edges of the step on a staircase. I am attaching a picture of the design. What do we need to connect each part? We want that the color of the leds changes simultaneously in all steps. All of them with the same color.
Thank you in advance!


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What do we need to connect each part?
Look for "LED strip repeaters".

Note that they can be used to branch strips, not just pass from the end of one strip to the next.


Dec 09, 2015, 05:21 pm Last Edit: Dec 09, 2015, 05:27 pm by Teresa_Spain
Thank you for your reply Paul_ _B. Are you talking about amplifiers?


I am talking about repeaters.  Yes, they may be called "amplifiers" but we hasten to point out in reply to many enquiries here about their construction, that since the brightness control is by means of PWM, linear amplification is neither necessary nor in any way desirable; they are merely relays which switch the output in time with the input.

Since they are readily and reasonably cheaply available, the advice is to purchase them rather than construct.

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