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He guys,

I am an Adruino newbie ,currently studying in Eindhoven at the design academy. Atm im working on translating online visitors data to abstract objects.

The aim is to build a wall full of computer vans that track my mouse movement.
The vans will respresent my screen and if i scroll over my screen they will start moving.

Would you guys now how to start and where to start with this project?

feel free to ask questions <3


Hi Alwinos, welcome to this forum.

It probably is best to get some knowledge about arduino. If you follow a few chapters of the tutorial/examples, you'll get an idea of what's possible.

I'm not sure what you mean by "van", which means truck/car, since you describe it as a fan or ventilator.
The first may... be possible, but it certainly isn't a beginners project. The second is much easier though.
Please tell which of both you want.

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