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Hello everyone!

I need some basic understanding of how to control the temperature of a peltier unit while also keeping the entire package very thin.

My project is making a product to cool people down while making sure they are not exposed to the hot side of the peltier unit.  Right now, I want to try and keep the unit at around 30 degrees F to about 50 degrees F.  Eventually I would like to get it so that people could adjust what temperature the device cooling at, but for right now, I want to try and hit around this range of cooling.

It seems that heat sinks are mainly used to control the temperature, but for my purposes, the ones I have seen are significantly too large.  I was also told that I would need a MOSFET to control the peltier, but from a tutorial I saw, the MOSFET also seems to need a heat sink as well.  Is there any way I can get to that temperature range without the use of heat sinks (there might be another type of heat sink that Im not searching for), while also not burning out my peltier unit?

Thanks you for your help!

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