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Hi, I was wondering if there's something like color changing EL panel. Or something very similar, cheap  source of light with paper thickness that could change colors.


EL panels aren't going to change color - they work by sandwiching a special material between conductors, and then driving those conductors with fairly high (couple hundred volts) AC in the khz frequency range. It's best modeled sort of like a capacitor, with the light being emitted during the charge/discharge cycles. This produces a blueish light - then phosphors are placed on top of that to generate other colors.  Unfortunately, this is not conducive to generating multiple colors.

Flexible OLEDs would of course do the trick, but I don't think they make OLED panels period, let alone multicolor ones. The interest in OLEDs is all about making displays for smartphones. OLED displays are probably out of your budget, even if you could get one without the rest of the smartphone attached, and without a bulky PCB on the back. I'm not sure it's even feasible to make a multicolor panel that isn't almost as hard to make as a display - can they stack OLEDs, or would they need to use pixels anyway?

I haven't seen color e-paper displays available yet, though the technology is there for small screens. I have a Pebble Time watch, and the display is *stunning* - but again, that's cutting edge display technology.

Most backlighting for LCDs is done with LEDs and a plastic diffuser... but that's not flexible, and it has some thickness where the LEDs are, and for a large panel, it's tricky to get the light distributed evenly.
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There may be some useful information here.

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