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Since changing computer (and updating to the new IDE) my gsm shield hasn't been working properly.

I tried running the example recievesms code that comes in the GSM library on the new IDE and my arduino will correctly it will connect to the network and send an sms, but it wont register received smss.

When I upload the code a bunch of errors pop up, all reated to char values in the receive sms lines on the code. "warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*' [-Wwrite-strings]". The code uploads despite the errors, but the arduino does not respond when an sms is received.

I've also tried loading sketches that used to work from my old computer via the new computer. I get the same errors related to the char values in recievesms part and the arduino doesnt respond how it used to.

I did a little digging and in C++ forums the recommended changing the values to const chars, but the arduino wouldnt upload this.
Is there a simple fix or should I just downgrade the IDE? Baring in mind this is affecting the out of the box sketch and a sketch that used once worked for me


So I tried a new sim and it works.

The old sim
- used to receive texts,
- can still send texts,
- can still make and receive calls

The only problem I'm having is receiving texts with this sim... If i use the sim in a phone all the texts come through at once.

Any thoughts?

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