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I'm new on all these world, and I am reading and investigating about all the stuffs... I was reading other post about to connect the arduino board to Car power system... I was looking for module like LM7809 set, or the LM2950CT-5, don't know if 9V of these one... But the problem it is about the heat must be dispel...

It is any easy way to just protect from noise and peak for supply at 12V the Arduino board?

Or I must do these like other post it said => My Linux Car Project

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What are you connecting to the Arduino as a "load"?   Are you powering anything else from the Arduino's 5V supply?  Do you have any idea what your total 5V current is?

For a small amount of current, the on-board regulator works.    A heatsinked 7809 (or 7805) should be OK for a little more current, and if you're getting up around 1 Amp or more a switching supply is probably more appropriate.

I've got an Uno running in a car and I'm just using the on-board regulator.   (I'm only driving the Arduino and a few LEDs from 5V so there's not much load on the regulator.)

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