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How has any of this been helpful to the OP?
The problem here; the common problem, is getting those who come here for help to post sufficient information - and that in a meaningful form - for those of us who are evaluating their situation to form an adequate picture to actually provide that help.

Now this is not helped by the obtuse behaviour of the forum.  We are told (as I cited in the other thread) that this is supposedly to inhibit spam, or to cope with the attachment of over-size images, or some such.  In any case, the consequence of this deliberate mis-configuration (and it is deliberate) is that attachments are completely useless to many people and yes, I am one such where I am using a system other than Windoze.  On some systems attachments (only from this forum) will neither load nor download.

So am I advised not to help people who supply information in attachments?  Well, notwithstanding Mike's insistence that I am always talking through my hat, I do believe I have things to contribute.

But it goes beyond that.

It really is much easier to evaluate problems if we have the illustrations inline, and the code inline.  I know I am not the only one who is reluctant to take a ".ino" file in an attachment, download it and bring up the IDE just to inspect it - though it is the case that if the forum was correctly configured, this would probably happen automatically.  (Mind you, the later versions of the IDE also insist on saving the code somewhere locally even just to test-compile it.)

And that is the basis of my complaint - in reply #5.  Having the image inline is exactly where it needs to be and there was in this case, no lack of resolution; it is just that the forum - not unreasonably - initially shows it with reduced magnification in order to meld it in with the text.

But the full image is already there - you can either use "view image" to inspect it in full detail, or if on a mobile/ tablet device you use the "pinch/ expand" two-finger gesture - the subject of some serious patent-trolling as I understand - to enlarge that complete image to the available pixel resolution of the particular device, spilling beyond the display frame as necessary.  Really, that is surely simple enough, just part of using your browser.

So all I am seeking is to encourage posters to provide that necessary information in the most usable form - and indeed for all viewers.


Well, I guess we can't help that this has now become a how-to thread about attachments.


It really is much easier to evaluate problems if we have the illustrations inline, and the code inline.
I can't stress enough how much I agree with this comment and how I find the current options (changes) infuriating.  So I guess I am a supporter of your opinion.


I would guess you have loading problems. For 4 relays activated, the 4 opto leds would draw about 80mA and your relay status sensing would draw about 90mA, so that makes 170mA total. I doubt you'll get that from your arduino if it is powered by 12V. Try replacing the 220 ohm resistors with something around 1K to 10K, or power the arduino with around 7.5VDC to 9VDC, or do both.

Is your relay board adequately powered? You'll need more than 500mA for this board. Go with 1A or greater @5VDC.

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