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I'm a Canadian student currently studying in Tampere, Finland, and I'm wondering where would be the best (cheapest?) place to purchase (online, I suppose) Arduino components?


You can find Arduinos from Robomaa.com, we are the only Arduino-distributor in Finland.

Unfortunately site is only in finnish, if it's a problem, just send me a message and i'll help you out.

Currently we carry Duemilanove and Mega-boards. We are adding some shields to our selection soon. If you have any product requests, just ask and we'll see what can be done.

Delivery method is COD.


I can personally recommend Lawicel for your Arduino needs. They are located in Sweden, but ships to Finland as well.

Did I mention they stock several of the Sparkfun applications as well?  :D

You can check their site out @ http://www.lawicel-shop.se



Actually robomaa is not the only webshop in finland supplying arduinos.

You should check out paeae technologies
Site also availible in english  ;)




And now that I've posted one normal message, i can include links. :)


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