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Thanks david , it works now!


If all the colours,  directions, scrolling work ok,  I will add ST7775 to the next Release.

They are clever little displays.  

Personally,  I prefer SPI for small displays.   It seems an awful waste of GPIO pins when you have a parallel interface.   Especially if you need level shifters on each line.

Incidentally,  I looked at the [OPEN-SMART] TFT LCD Dispaly 2.2inch RM68130.zip file.
They appear to have hacked a very old version of UTFT to support RM68130 with their shields.
You should use the examples in the :
OPEN-SMART TFT 2.2 inch Demo Board\Arduino library\UTFT\examples\OPEN-SMART TFT\TFT 2.2inch directory (even though your screen is 2.0 inch).

If anyone actually owns a RM68130 controller,  please could they test it with SUPPORT_9225 and tft.begin(0x9225);
Then I could add ID=0x6813 to the library.



Hi, I bought a similar screen on eBay as francosalda - stupid I realise with hindsight, and next time I'll get a standard screen with Arduino support. In the meantime, I'd like to get this one working if possible. The differences between my screen and that of francosalda is that mine is described as an Open-Smart 2.2 TFT", and in the back it says: "Driver IC: ILI9225". Other than that, it looks identical, and it has the same number of pins and they are marked exactly the same. I've tried the ILI9225 library, but can't get it to work. I suspect that mine isn't a real ILI9225 screen, as I've noticed from pictures that ILI9225 screens have an SD card slot in the back, which mine doesn't. So, seeing as mine looks more like francosalda's, I'm trying the steps in this thread.

I'm using it on an Arduino Uno, which does have a 3.3V output. I've wired the pins as set out by francosalda and have installed the MCUFRIEND_kbv library. When I run the "diagnose_tft_support" example, I get the following output in the Serial Monitor:

Code: [Select]
tft.readID() finds: ID = 0xD3D3

Probably a write-only Mega2560 Shield
Try to force ID = 0x9481

PORTRAIT is 320 x 480

I've tried forcing the ID to 0x9481 [tft.begin(0x9481)] in some of the example sketches as suggested in the above output, but still don't get any output on the screen. The screen just remains a blank white. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Please read #3.   Your Uno is a 5V board.    All you have to do is connect via thirteen level shifters.

The MCUFRIEND_kbv library will work with an ILI9225 and if you report the ID,   I can make it support any of the other controllers.

NEVER connect a 3.3V board to a 5V logic Arduino like a Uno unless you provide level shifters.



yo tengo la misma pantalla con el driver st7775 y necesito usarla para un proyecto y no encuentro ninguna libreria compatible con ella


to David Prentice

I have a Open Smart 2.2 inch TFT LCD shield type RM68130
i've tested it with  SUPPORT_9225 and tft.begin(0x9225) as you mentioned

the ID is x4013

Test is running OK !


May 23, 2018, 02:29 pm Last Edit: May 23, 2018, 02:31 pm by david_prentice
Thanks for the feedback.    However the RM68130 datasheet says:
9.4 ID code (R00h)
The ID code "6813"h is outputted when this register is read.
I am favourably impressed by Smart.    They do make an effort to write the controller model on the pcb.
In contrast,   Mcufriend are a lottery.    Ebay and AliExpress are just untruthful.

Everything should work 100% with ILI9225.    If you find any problems,  please say.

Code: [Select]

    uint16_t ID = tft.readReg(0x0000);
    tft.print(ID, HEX);       //should say 6813



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