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I have just tried the ILI9341_due with the Adafruit 2.8" Cap TFT Shield on a Due, and it works fine for the graphics demos at least, then I have download and installed (install ZIP) the ILI9341_due_Buttons library and the URTouch one too.

No touch demo from the ILI9341_due library is working, they compile but touch functionality won't work at all. The ILI9341_due_Buttons examples are not updated and still expect the Utouch library. Just to test them I have changed the UTouch references to URTouch ones and tried, but the same problem: they compile but no touch functionality on the screen.

I have reset the Due, just in case, no luck.

The screen touch capabilities are working because the Adafruit FT6206 Library examples are working fine.

Please, could someone help me. It seems simple, but it does not work. BTW, I'm more or less newbie.



Think about it.

You have a Capacitive Sensor chip.   So you use a FT2xxx library.
This  has slightly different library methods to a XPT2046 Resistive controller or a  bare unintelligent Resistive panel.

The logic is much  the same i.e. detect a Press,   calculate Pixel coordinates.  Detect Press Release.



Thanks. In fact I am more newbie that all of that. I know the logic though. But my problem is - I think- more simple: I am just trying to run the examples that is supposed to work with this shield, but I did not succeed.

I followed guides and advice (https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=350006.msg2446751#msg2446751) by the library ILI9341_due_Buttons author (ghlawrence2000) or ILI9341_due's (MarekB), but no luck, so I was hoping that maybe him or other people that use it, might help me.

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