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Dec 25, 2015, 01:52 pm Last Edit: Dec 25, 2015, 05:47 pm by raschemmel
It's ironic that the laptop software for a tool used in a process/operation/mission to literally "raise the dead" ( "The project is called the Body Barge...the divers will check the lake bottom ...") was written in a language ( Lazarus IDE) named after someone (Lazarus of Bethany) who was raised ftom the dead.


I was not aware of that fact nor did I intend the connection. However, what a marvelous similarity, by accident, of the dead raising the dead.

Made a major step forward this afternoon in stripping the barge plugboard of the old, large, and complex gated burst circuitry and installing the new version, without errors. The last hurdle will be to eliminate the 800Kbps I2C link between Mega master and four Nano slaves. The replacement scheme will allow each Nano to use the RF24 module sequentially and send it's data directly to the shore station. Eliminating the slowest link and all caching on the barge will speed up the operation nicely. The laptop will use the Putty terminal program at 2Mbps and an FTDI Friend for a few initial tests. Then Lazarus will rise from the depths in glorious 4D color.

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