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Hi, I constructed the circuit for the project 03 of the starter kit.
I set the baseline Temp to the value read by the sensor, which is "-20.0". Probably because I've run no calibration yet. But I'd just like to light the lamp up based on the temperature measured by the sensor. I don't care about the real temperature.

Then I ran the program and it happens that some of the lamps lights up without anyone touching the sensor, or it even happens that moving one of the wires the lamps light up without anyone touching the sensor...

What would you suggest?

Thank you very much in advance.


First make sure that you are using the temperature sensor, marked TMP36. Then triple check your wiring, unplug and replug each wire. Then post YOUR code on here (please use code tags, see post 'How to use this forum'). A clear photo of how you have it wired up wouldn't go amiss either!
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