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Hello Guys...

I have some draughts related with Arduino BT, but the most important questions is: Bluetooth protocol has some communication layers (device discovery, service discovery, profiles, security, etc). How it is implemented on Arduino? I don't believe all modules are present on this small device, isn't it?

I just need send some simple information from my computer like "My Name" or "My ID" to Arduino and if I pass the correct name or ID, I want turn on a LED. Is it difficult? Do I have to implement all Bluetooth service specification in Arduino BT?

I appreciate all your help.

Thanks.  ;)




if you just want to turn on a LED, this is easy. The Arduino BT connects to your computer, and all the protocol stuff is pretty seamless. When it is working, you just select the BT port in the Arduino software, and then it programs just like a wired Arduino. The protocol stuff is all taken care of by the Bluegiga module.



Hello Daniel

It's looks simple... But I need some code recognition in Arduino to identify if something that the computer sent is exactly what I am expecting.

I mean, in Arduino I will receive one string and I want check if this string is "Daniel" (my name too). If it is, I'll blink the green LED... If it's not, I will return and read the next value value.

Can you tell me if it's possible?

Thanks for your help and attention.

Daniel Abib


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yes I do this all the time, it is really simple.. Should not take more than 3 hours to code, troubleshoot and debug. Sometimes it takes two minutes... you never know.

Look, for example, at the  Arduino code for the Parallax GPS receiver, in the Playground.


PS I think it is an excellent name.


Hello Daniel.

The GPS exemple uses a Arduino NG and serial communication with GSP module.

I was thinking about use Arduino BT and read information from external elements. My inicial question was: Do we have to implement services (device discovery, service discovery, profiles, security, etc) or just use BT as serial interface?

Another question: Is the communication secured?

I've bought my Arduino BT and it will arrive in few days... I'll try learn more praticing than in books   ;)

Thanks for your (all of you) help.

Daniel Abib  :P


Hello Everybody.

I am quite crazy about bluetooth comminication between Arduino BT and a computer or any bluetooth device (mobile phone, palm, machine, etc.), and I'll be very thankfull if someone could help me.

Now I can understand how Arduino BT works. It's just a simple serial communication with external devices (computer, phone, palms, etc.). I just have to programming the serial port for configuration, read the serial port, and as soon as any data is avalilable, I have just to get it and it's ok. If I need send data out, I just have to send it via serial communication.

My question is: In my computer (or mobile phone), it's not a serial communication, it's a java or C++ program running and reading/writing the bluetooth adapter port.

How it works? Do I have to implement all bluetooth stack (device inquiry, service inquiry, etc.)? Can you share with me a small source code in Java, C++ or C that send or receive data from Arduino BT? I mean, a source code that will be compiled in a computer to send and receive data from/to Arduino?

Thanks a lot for any help.

Daniel Abib

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