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Some changes made. I have a couple of annoying writing ticks: overuse of 'of course', saying "note that X" rather than simply saying "X". And I included a link to a relevant wikipedia page.


Genuinely don't know what you had in mind when you wrote that.
"Careful with that axe, Eugene(!)" Is a lengthy instrumental number by Pink Floyd.  The track was later reworked and re-named, "Come in number 51. Your time is up!"  Both titles refer to self indulgence.

What I had in mind was the irony, of attributing prejudices to stereotypes.


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Apologies for my musical ignorance. I may recognize it if I heard it - but I am very poor at titles.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Hey Paul,
thx for the article. I read through it and found it really helpful. I've been rewriting some of my Arduino files and created my first few classes.

I have a question though on constructor vs setup() use. Could you please give me some more details/examples on what can be put inside the constructor of a class and what should be part of a setup() method?


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