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You do not give technical advice but an partisant opinion,even sentimental.
The future of two Arduinos is not in feeling but in the technique  :
right product at the right time, at the right cost and with right support.

So when you can see that they don't develop Zero nor Galileo nor Edison and  probably nor 101.
When you can see that Intel propose is own IDE (Eclipse based), stay on the only emotional support is not to serve  Arduino LCC neither Arduino  SRL.

At a time of transition where you have to mix circuits powered by 3.3V or 5V, choose Atmel ARM IC which are not five Volts tolerant  is a huge mistake.
It is those who report the errors that love the Arduino, those who are silent or find that all is well does not render service Arduino.
In french we say " Qui aime bien ,chatie bien".
Google translation (without guaranties) : Who loves well chatises as well.


I'm afraid I don't really understand much of your post, perhaps it is the language difference.  This topic is not technical, and I don't know if I'm sentimental or not.  I just would like arduino.cc to sell Genuino boards and stickers in greater volume and through more outlets.   And I think they should firmly establish more of a hardware brand presence.  If they are allowed to use the Arduino brand in the US, that would be fine, but they should also just offer the Genuino brand in the US as well.  I doubt there would be a significant chance of a Genuino board being a counterfeit, and there would be some money to be made by arduino.cc to support the software side of the house.  I like the IDE from this site and I like contributing technical support.  The OP appears interested in getting Genuino through a distributor.  Sounds good to me.  I am mostly interested in AVR technology, and only slightly interested in ARM.  For ARM, the Teensy boards and Raspberry Pi Zero are interesting. 


If Arduino LLC  changed to Genuino this would mean that Arduino LCC accept that Arduino SRL won.
 Never Arduino LLC will  accept, and they have no reason to accept.

For ARM, the Teensy boards and Raspberry Pi Zero are interesting. 
Are they Five volts tolerant ? For me it is mandatory.
Personally I prefer STM32 micro-controler, lib arduino does not exist except for one  model : STM32F103 but you have more than a dozen of different boards you can program with mbed .
You could find boards (STM32-F103 ) on Ebay at less than 5$.
You have a clone of mapple and an original product design from ST-Micro documentation so it is not a clone.


Never Arduino LLC will  accept,
I can well believe that. It has been the downfall of many who thought the courts could not possibly disagree with them.

and they have no reason to accept.
What about common sense ?

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


I'm afraid I don't really understand much of your post
I think he's saying that he doesn't like the "direction" that either arduino company is headed (3V ARMs and x86s that aren't very compatible.)  And that for all it's popularity, Arduino has never really been particularly unique or innovative, and there are other alternatives out there.

I dunno.  No one else seems to have the discipline to stay simple.  MBED is probably closest, and it looks like they're getting an OS and becoming IoT-focused.  The latest TI Launchpad (MSP432) runs an RTOS, even with Energia.  They're all 3.3V  The ARMs are winning hearts and minds, but 5V is rare, complexity is high, and "simple" systems like Arduino don't show off the features that vendors want shown off.  Meanwhile, vendor libraries suck, usually having all the performance impact of an Arduino library with none of the simplicity, and no attempt at cross-platform compatibility.



No one else seems to have the discipline to stay simple.
Well said.
It seems to be contrary to human nature. Other species of animal seem to have no problem.

I believe the problem is caused by people having time on their hands after they sign-off version 1.

"Gee, I'm bored, what can I do?  I know, let's make a version 2"

Think how unlikely it is for a bridge engineer to retire after completing his first bridge.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


It would be nice if arduino.cc would take Genuino worldwide and make it easy for vendors to buy some stock.   It seems like there would be money to be made if the holes in the product lineup were filled in.  For example, Adafruit is out of Micros and their web site still has old stock pictures of the product from before the company split.  

I think there would be plenty of profit and sales if the Micro, and Uno were all priced at a new low price of $18 USD, Nano at $11, and the Pro Mini at $7, and bring the Pro Micro into the official Arduino lineup at $7 too.   ...
I agree and said so a little while back. The price roll-back would be welcomed by consumers (me especially!) but I doubt the manufacturers (Adafruit & Sparkfun in the US, right?) would be that thrilled.

This lawsuit could be the demise of "Arduino" as a hardware brand. Soon it'll become "xeroxed" - that is, the (uncapitalized) word arduino meaning any board or circuit that incorporates an 8 bit Atmel device. I already refer to my trinkets, tinyduinos and osepp clones as well as real Arduinos and naked chips as "arduinos" in class (shame on me, I know, but, oh well. As a cc teacher {community college} I need to use language my students can hear*.)

If .cc wants to hold onto the name in the US, I would suggest copyright on the software, and the three boards already in domestic production. Let the name go in the rest of the world, and concentrate on the software. Who here would pay for the IDE? I would if it were ported to iPad and Android for sure, but for what we already have for free? ... 1.6.5 is good enough, right? I think they would have greater world-wide penetration with the Genuino name. And that would keep the free software and boards as well.

I'm not a business strategist, so they would need to balance the Arduino vs Genuino 'take-home', but I still believe Genuino could displace Arduino if marketed correctly.

* apologies to the Smashing Pumpkins.
What, I need to say something else too?


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... Maybe I should be refreshing my PIC skills. I have several unused PIC MCUs in a drawer.

I'm all for that Robin! Microchip's headquarters and manufacturing plants are less than a mile from me, and they pay big bucks (as does Intel - directly across Rural Rd.) into the tax base that supports my kid's schools. (I'm not a fan of their microprocessors, but) GO PIC!
ps, unused is fine. $$s is $$s.
What, I need to say something else too?


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This lawsuit could be the demise of "Arduino" as a hardware brand.
That seems very likely. I took a snapshot of the Forum index page about a week ago so I can compare it in 12 months time - I would not be surprised to see it fizzle out and customer attention switch elsewhere.

ps, unused is fine. $$s is $$s.
LOL.  I appreciate the naked animal greed  :)    even if humanity would be much better off without it.


Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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