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There are several "proxies" out there, including the "Serial Proxy" at the bottom of the arduino Software page, that are really bridges. They monitor a serial port and a TCP port and whatever they read on one they send to the other.

I want something slightly different: a device driver that looks like a serial port, but rather than connecting to a piece of hardware is a proxy for a telnet session. Opening the port will initiate the session. Closing it will end the session. Need some sort of stty interface to set the remote IP:PORT on *nix. Something equivalent for Windows.

"Why do you want this?", you ask. I've got one of lady ada's ethernet shields. This shield looks like a serial port to the arduino, including DTR. By connecting the XPORT DTR to arduino RESET, I think I can remotely upload programs to the arduino.


Lantronix has a virtual serial port driver on their website.
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Thanks! I'll try it later tonight. Their stuff is windows only, but their site turned up the right thing for me to look for: RFC2217.

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