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I'm doing car with ROS. My car have to find AR TAG with IP camera app. Then after when car will see AR TAG and go forward to AR TAG. I done everything gscam, my launch files, cameras except motor code.
I've one of code but i've to modify this code. Could please give me advise ?

Code: [Select]
if( !find_next_target ) { // if we're in target tracking mode, drive towards the target
      distance_err_cm = LINEAR_TARGET - distance_cm;
      ino_drive.linear.x = -distance_err_cm * LINEAR_GAIN_P;  // ranging +-50cm will have speed contorl mapping
      z_angle_err = atan2( right_offset_cm, distance_cm);
      ino_drive.angular.z = z_angle_err * ANGULAR_GAIN_P;
    }else { // if we're in the "find_next_target" mode, do something here
// do something to search the target


For the ignorant please define ROS and AR TAG.


ALL, please remember that not every one knows the acronyms for all areas of interest.

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